JavaScript - Where to start?



I have no programming skills whatsever, can anyone suggest a good place to start to understand javascript



(Nick ) #2

Here are some suggestions Plus I am sure so many other folks on the forum who are really great at Javascript will also have suggestions.

The bottom places are free and they use the “learn by doing method”

First place I went to was


Then read the Hype documentation and tutorials on how to attach javascript functions to Hype since this is a unique process in and of itself. Not hard though you just need to understand the Where to attach, When to call the function and The What to call it on. :smile:

Hope this helps.

PS 2 of the other members @MarkHunte, and @gasspence of the forum have a really neat thread about javascript I just came across.

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When you are more familiar to Javascript syntax, a good thing to do is to analyse the small pieces of code in the examples that are posted in this forum. They answer to very specific problems and it will greatly help you to catch some subtilities. I myself am a terrible noob and thanks to this forum’s participants, my understanding improves everyday.

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There are lots of good places to learn javascript (e.g. Code academy, Code School or even Javascript for Cats). The first steps are pretty easy. There are also several protected playgrounds where you can experiment safely (e.g. jsFiddle or

Applying this knowledge in Hype is a little more difficult as errors are harder to trace and often go unnoticed.

My best advice is to learn how to use the console.log statement in javascript and how to monitor your program’s execution from within your browser’s error console.

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Wish there was a hotkey to paste that considering how useful and often you need to use it.

may have to write something

Sound advise from everyone.

You sometimes need a project to learn coding but although you want to learn do but do not have a project of your own.
But you can look at sites like this one and And look at other people problems, then try and first make sense of the issue and then try and solve it.

Doing this is assuming you are using the internet to find tutorials rather than a book.
There are many tutorials out the but they are often single function focused.

But having an objective is helpful in learning.
So my suggestion is to use both the tutorials and forums as a medium for learning and reference. In both cases you will naturally pick ones within the scope of you learning curve.

You should also be able to find tutorials to learn the very basics.

I cannot suggest any books but others may be able to.

Good luck.


Thanks for everyone advice, I will begin codecademy.




Thanks for the great advice!

I have to mention that if you get stuck, a great resource is Stack Overflow. You can pretty much type any question followed by ‘JavaScript’ into Google and you’ll learn something. You may not get the answer you want, but you can at least read some interesting arguments over the ‘correct way’ to do something.

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Just found 2 other great sites.

and DailyJS for daily quick tutorials to apply what you are learning.