Javascript Issue with swipes and HypeDragAndDropEnabler.js

So I'm pretty new at this. I am using a template game that I found on hypedocks. I am using it for a language-learning game. It works well however when I incorporate into my project, one of our developers found that the game's drag n drop gestures are interfering with the page swipe option. The developer provided some JavaScript to me to incorporate into the hype project to ensure that our swipe gesture doesn't interfere with the hype drag n drop. The problem is, that I don't know anything about Javascript. I attached the hype project file and separately I attached the javascript that is needed for the hype project. Could someone just do it for me or show me how? :slight_smile: Any help would be greatly appreciated!
See attached files....

jungle (1.2 MB) (4.0 KB)

I haven't tried to reproduce exactly yet, but two points:

  • You don't have any Swipe/Page Turn actions in the document
  • The HypeDragAndDropEnabler.js is already in your document, although there is one different line in the separated zip (which may help). You can just choose the Edit > Replace… button in the Resources Library to include the newer version.
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