Javascript function won't work on Android

I have created a Hype document where I call a Javascript function to change the inner html of a rectangle to create a UI toggle button based on the name of the img src filename as well as incrementing a counter I use elsewhere.

Everything works fine on desktop browsers and even when I create a webView based iOS application in Xcode

Android, for some reason throws an error. Here is the code:

var whichone = document.getElementById('depc_btn');
var check = whichone.src.includes("pressed");

	if (check == true) 
		whichone.src = whichone.src.replace("depcheck_button_pressed.svg", "depcheck_button.svg");
		if (count >= 1) {count --;}
else if (check == false)
		whichone.src = whichone.src.replace("depcheck_button.svg", "depcheck_button_pressed.svg");
		count ++;

document.getElementById('count_txt').innerHTML = count;

The error is thrown before the ‘check’ variable is created. Any ideas?

Checking the code with JSHint, it gives out two warnings:

15	Use '===' to compare with 'true'.
20	Use '===' to compare with 'false'.

Also, count is not defined as a variable.

Not sure if that’s already the solution, since I’m no JS expert.

Thanks for the reply.

‘count’ is declared in the Head HTML code and during a specific scene load as i want to ensure it is always reset to 0 at certain times. Using ‘===’ instead of ‘==’ still resulted in the same error.

String.prototype.includes() is not supported in Android and pretty much any mobile platform (exception Firefox (Gecko) 40 and maybe Safari since you got it to work in a webview)

Maybe use indexOf which is supported throughout all.

That did the trick! Thanks!