JavaScript editor for imported javascript files

(Mark Hunte) #1

The use of the builtin JavaScript editor for imported javascript files would make it much easier to use js files when building your project.

Or even a “Edit in External Editor…” Button that you can set a default.


Import / Export functions in resource panel
(Markus Bjerre) #2

Indeed this would be very helpful.

(Mark Hunte) #3

Also to add to this.

When you edit an external JS link file. You will be prompted to either update the project version or not.
This is a good feature but it would also help with the above and current design, for the the Linked JS files to have a Button to convert to a Hype Function.

This would mean the source can still be edited either with the inbuilt editor or external editor.
But you now have a separate hype function to work on and use.

Or another approach and maybe more manageable is to have a preference to convert imported JS files to Hype functions automatically and leaving you with a new Hype Function and the original as is and not linked or showing in the resources.



…and the ability to edit other file types such as CSS

(Jorge Mira) #5

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