Javascript doesn't load on mobiles

I got a web app which is a game with buttons. I used jQuery and when I did a preview it worked in the bowser. However, when I did the same preview in an iPad, the JQuery part didn’t work.

I enabled touch events. (1.5 MB)

first i corrected your css to

body {   background-color: #0A7E8C;} //browser shows: Unexpected CSS token: }

then in hype delete your button actions.
if you load the script onSceneLoad, it works.
i always use latest jquery-plugin full version - for me the safty solution.

then in your functions delete $document.ready - you won´t need it.

so - this version seemed to work for me now. sorry, i don´t understand the language in your document.
therefore i don´t know what to do.
but i hope this will give you a solution. (1,5 MB)

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