JAMECHA An AfroPUNK Adventure!

JAMECHA is a Pixel Animation Manga series I started back in 2018.

It's an Anti-Postapocalyptic scenario. Dystopian. It's to have very heavy Ghana, Nigerian, Jamaican, and West African influences. It's supposed to be a celebration of Black Culture, West African Folklore. Mythology and Marine Biology.


The idea initially was just to make a sprite (pixel art) movie with interactive elements since then I've developed ideas of how to make a makeshift RPG system. Either with a JS Library or 5 in tow.

Battle_Full MenuV3

I'd like to use Tumult Hype the most because I feel like it could have a bit of cross-over with a program for PC similar to Tumult called Hippani. Which I also have and use.

Here's an example of my pixel comic work

To be Updated
Overworld, HUB, Player MENU
Battle System: With Input and feedback:

I want the Jamaica battle system is a combination of a side scroll battle from Final Fantasy one as well as a beat him up from Final Fight, Streets of Rage, and downtown net gets to mono Kotori which is River City Ransom the River City Ransom series. Also, other payments ones like river see girls River City Ransom underground side yeah, I want to create a system like that but I also want to combine it with an aspect of what Undertale is doing, where it has an RPG battle and a shmups system connected I want to try and combined a shmup and a sidescroller. Slash beat him up system with this with Jim with Jamaica within Tumult Hype. I don't know if it can be done but I'm trying to see if I can be done and if anyone has any information on that and how that can be implemented. Please don't even hesitate to let me know here on the Tumult Hype forums. Thanks again.

Shop/Progressive Item Get System (no monetization. Maybe an ad page one day for things I'd use.)

Save/Load Anywhere
Theatre Mode: Plays all the scenes and maybe a fixed battle sequence to enjoy if they don't need or want to 'play' along with the tale.

Current Javascript Libraries I'm experimenting with my workflow:

https://animejs.com/ (For Dynamic Animations)
https://rpgjs.dev/ (RPG Javascript RPG/MMORPG
GitHub - ctrl-freaks/freezeframe.js: freezeframe.js is a library that pauses animated .gifs and enables them to animate on mouse hover / mouse click / touch event, or with trigger / release functions. (I like to make gifs in Photoshop when animating game sprites and using the ones from that process and using 3rd party programs to further the effects and from THOSE I create sheets.)
Jiio Idle Slide out
Jiio_Battle_High-Jutsu SHOT
Jiio Quick Combo EX

Currently Working On:

JAMECHA ZERO (a prequel series) Tech Demo. Planning on uploading progress to itch.io

I like Tumult a lot so I wanted to make a topic to constantly/consistently update and ask for assistance on how to possibly execute an idea. I don't think anyone's ever tried to do something like this before in Tumult so I understand if what I'm asking at times will sound confusing but bear with me on this journey that I know you can help see me through. Thank you.


That looks great!

While there's definitely folks who have used sprite controls in conjunction with game logic, I'm not sure I recall exact matches to your game style. You may want to peruse the Hype Universe News posts to see if there are examples there which are similar, as if they recently came across our radar we probably would have posted something on there.

Undoubtedly any game and new endeavor is going to require a bit of javascript. I'd say games in particular tend to be javascript heavy due to a reliance on logic. (Hype's UI was intended to express logic like if/else/loops/etc). So it may be good to structure it into design parts and code parts. Probably if it were me I'd do all the auxiliary/splash screens in Hype and the game bits entirely in JavaScript, but there can sometimes be benefit to still making use of Hype's layout.

Feel free to ask away for any specific questions!

Good luck on the project!

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Thanks, Jon!

Exactly, but I'm much more visually-minded than I am technically minded unless I already know what I'm looking for. I feel like what I'm really asking for from the community is help and feedback on my brain process (and debug and testing :wink: as in I want to upload builds so people can play and try out). I'm working in GDevelop 001 Game Creator and RPG Paper Maker.

Currently, I'm breaking up menus, maps, and screens as scenes I already think I understand the function command on each keyframe you make but I need to know how the ID system in Tumult Hype will work with the library in question that's the only thing I think my brains missing. An example would be I THINK I understand how to add a javascript library but I'm not sure if I do.


Right now, I'm following the instructions on the forums and website to simply import all the .json files of a library into the project. Yes? Connecting actions to functions to inputs seems straightforward enough in Tumult Hype just gotta know how to better take advantage of symbols their timelines and how to code them to work together.

Thanks so much for the advice I'm gonna look into it as well as post progress and updates of getting to a stable demo.

There's a few basic principles to know about:

  • Unique Element IDs should be unique for the entire .hype document (and .html page).
  • If you are using symbols or multiple layouts, it is generally recommended that you use class names instead since you can have multiple ones of that.
  • At runtime, if Hype detects that an ID is already in use, it will assign a new one to ensure stuff works correctly.
  • Therefore, you should generally use the hypeDocument.getElementById() API instead of the page's document.getElementById() call, since the hypeDocument one keeps the mapping on any reassigned IDs.
  • Hype won't touch any IDs that are part of Inner HTML code

Looking at freezeframe, you probably don't need any of those .json files. JSON is a data format, and probably just include build config information. Instead you will want to include the actual .js files for the project. I see freezeframe has a dist folder that has a freezeframe.min.js file; this is the built version and probably all you need:

A few notes:

  • Hype's resources library is a flat list, so any directory structure will be removed. If you need to maintain a directory structure, then you should do your previews/work by exporting your hype document into the properly built up folder.
  • From code, you can access files in the resources library with the magic ${resourcesFolderName} variable that gets replaced at export. For example, if you have something like <img src = "${resourcesFolderName}/animation.gif"> as inner html, at export it might be something like: <img src = "MyGame.hyperesources/animation.gif">. Since freezeframe is using <img> tags and animated gifs, I'm guessing you'll need to know this :slight_smile: .
  • A lot of times, you can setup your javascript to work with libraries using the On Scene Load event to Run JavaScript. However, this is called on every scene load. Scene Loads don't reload the page, so you may wind up re-running stuff in a way that causes issues. So you may need to manage this if you use multiple scenes. Generally you can either set some code that flags stuff to only run once, destroy stuff on Scene Unload, or run a single time through various other means.