Jagged fonts inside hype?

I have an issue with some text I’m using on box.
It’s a Roboto (300k) google font.
When I see it in the display of my macbook retina, it’s perfect.
When I drag Hype window or the web preview to a Dell IPs monitor, the font looks jagged, even compared to other fonts of the system. The same font on a webpage (that was not be done with hype) looks much better side by side.
Not sure if you will be able to see the difference on a screen capture, left is a regular webpage, right is hype preview:

Can you make sure you’re not scaling the text? (check the metrics inspector)

Can you share an example?

test.hype.zip (216.8 KB)

What browser are you testing on?

You may want to try unchecking ‘Use Webkit Graphics Acceleration’ and checking ‘Position with left/top’ in the Document Inspector.

We set -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; on text to encourage webkit-based browsers to smooth text, but this may not be handled correctly when moving text between two different resolutions.

Both Safari and Chrome.
I’ll test what you suggest once I’m at my office.
Thanks for your support!