Jagged fonts inside hype?

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I have an issue with some text I’m using on box.
It’s a Roboto (300k) google font.
When I see it in the display of my macbook retina, it’s perfect.
When I drag Hype window or the web preview to a Dell IPs monitor, the font looks jagged, even compared to other fonts of the system. The same font on a webpage (that was not be done with hype) looks much better side by side.
Not sure if you will be able to see the difference on a screen capture, left is a regular webpage, right is hype preview:


Can you make sure you’re not scaling the text? (check the metrics inspector)

Can you share an example?

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test.hype.zip (216.8 KB)


What browser are you testing on?

You may want to try unchecking ‘Use Webkit Graphics Acceleration’ and checking ‘Position with left/top’ in the Document Inspector.

We set -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; on text to encourage webkit-based browsers to smooth text, but this may not be handled correctly when moving text between two different resolutions.

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Both Safari and Chrome.
I’ll test what you suggest once I’m at my office.
Thanks for your support!