iWeb 06 integration with Hype v1.6

Hello all;

(Mac OSX Snow Leopard, iWeb 06, Fetch, and Hype 1.6 on a 2010 iMac)
I’m still using an old version of Hype (1.6) and have run into a problem that requires I get help. I’m trying to use iWeb 06 and an html snippet. I’ve had success in the past but for some reason, Hype got damaged and I had to start over, as well as I lost settings for iWeb re my site. I don’t typically change much so once the site was set up, I hardly ever change it, hence my unfamiliarity with what’s going on. This is what I’m doing and if someone can tell me where I’m going wrong, I’d really appreciate the help!

So, I have a two page site in iWeb; the first is the welcome portal with a link to the second page. The second page is blank except for the widget. This might all be due to some layout parameters I’ve messed up, but I don’t know. Anyhow, as per usual and instructions, I have opened my Hype project (I save the project, export to html5) in a browser (and it works just fine), I get the page source code, copy what I’m told to copy, paste it into the widget window, click ‘apply’ and then save, publish all/changes of the site. Then, I upload the two files (a resource folder and an html doc from Hype). Now, I’ve uploaded to almost every folder on my site. I’m sure it used to nest the Hype parts inside the main site folder, but just to be sure, I’ve placed three different copies. No go. I still get nothing but a blank page for the Hype generation. When I make the blank page contain some text via iWeb, that shows, so I must be doing something wrong re pointing the second page at the Hype portion, or I’m not embedding the code/project correctly?

I know this is old stuff but I’m old too and am comfortable with the system as it has worked for a few years now. I’d like to get back to that, but can’t figure out my next move.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.


Well, seems I solved the problem myself; indeed, I was putting the uploaded elements from Hype in the wrong place. They have to go on the page for which they were written. Which of course makes sense, now that I have it working. So, maybe someone else can be helped by this problem.


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Glad you got it figured out Michael. Given that you typically don’t change much, it might be worthwhile leaving yourself some breadcrumbs for next time you need to make these changes.

While the process you’ve just gone through is still fresh in your mind, spend five minutes writing some notes to yourself on what you’ve done. Your future self will appreciate it!


No doubt, Matthew; I outlined in text as well as some screenshots just to be sure. I think the main problem is that Hostgator changed some folder/destination point names as well as when I had to redo the iWeb portal, I changed some names as well which meant I actually had to learn conceptually what was happening and not just drop files into places by rote. Obviously, it would be easier if the iWeb I had did the html5 like Hype. Since I still use some legacy software, I’m staying on Snow Leopard for a while and thus will stay tied for now. I’m sure I’ll have a bit of learning to do in the future as I’m starting now to bump up against some limitations re Snow Leopard.

Thanks for replying!