Issue with OAM Export to external harddrive

Hi everybody!

I am experiencing an issue whenever I export OAM widgets to external drives.
Trying to upload these files to WordPress site (via Tumult Hype Animations (v1.9.7) plugin) are in vain because they seem to be corrupted.
The display of the file information (Apple command+I) of the .oam file shows irritating numbers.

The xyz.hyperesources folder in the WP upload drive is empty after upload.

An export from the same Hype file to an internal drive does not produce this issue.

Please take a look at the screen capture video I made.

Maybe this is a known issue either of Hype or Apple or maybe my hard drive (NVME 2 SSD) is just broken?

This is the screen capture:

Thanks for any help

That's odd -- sorry you're hitting this issue. We've definitely seen issues with exporting / saving to network drives, but haven't seen many issues with external drives. What is the disk type for the external USB? APFS? Mac OS Extended?

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Thanks for the hint...I just checked.
Both external drives I have the issue with are USB and...drumroll...ExFat.
Could this be the reason?

The internal system drive without export issues is APFS formatted, Macbook Pro M1, 2021.

If you are only using those external hard drives on a modern Mac, you can reformat them as APFS. This will likely fix the issue.

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Mac OS Extended (journaled) drive, USB, partition of the same HDD as one of the drives I described the issues with: FILE ABSOLUTELY OKAY! No corruption.

Going to backup the others and initialize in different format.

Thanks a lot again!

Yes, sorry for the fuss.
These are older USB drives from my last system...the definitely need maintenance :slight_smile:

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