Issue with Multiple Drag and Drop locations


I am building a drag-and-drop exercise with the amazing Drag and Drop Enabler. I've used this several times before without an issue, but for some reason I just can't get this one working.

There are 15 droppable elements, which can be dragged into any of three drop zones in 5 categories. But it just isn't working smoothly, some of the items will snap to one of the three zones, but others will only snap to one of the three zones, and some won't snap to any or snap back to an odd spot.

So, as an example, 'Government Stability', 'Government Regulations', and 'Censorship' should each be able to be dropped in any of the three 'Political' zones, but this what happens when I try to drag them: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Any guidance would be appreciated - I've spent all day on this and just can't figure it out.

My working file is here: (124.3 KB)


I'll have a look ... haven't touched this for years ... :slight_smile:

btw do you know @MaxZieb provides some newer tools regarding drag and drop ... ¿

ok ... might be an easy one ... at least if it solves your issues.

  1. you used an unexpected character to separate the classes ... please use | (space pipe space <- three characters)
  2. changed the treshhold to 0.55 ... might be better as the dropfields are quite next to each other ... (69,7 KB)

btw deleted most parts of your doc, just left over the working part ...

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Thanks so much Hans! That works perfectly. I will check out @MaxZiebs tools!

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