Issue previewing & exporting scenes

I have a selection of 4 banner ads I’ve made on Hype, each in their own scene, and I want to export each of them (as HTML) to individual folders. However, when I export or preview them in the browser it always exports/previews the first scene. Is there something I need to do differently to export them individually? I considered creating a new Hype file for each and copying/pasting the timeline content into the new document, but the content did not paste.

I’ve included a link to a screen capture video displaying the problem I’m facing.

You can copy and paste with animations by selecting your elements (make sure they are all selected and you don’t have any locked items) and then clicking Edit > Paste with animations.

If you have a scene with multiple layouts:

Select File > Export > Advanced Export, and select individual slices to export:

A quick way to preview your layouts is to Preview in Safari, and turn on ‘Develop’ in Safari’s Advanced Preferences, and then type ⌘ + option + r, which gets you into ‘Responsive Design Mode’. You can then adjust the width of the preview area to match your layout for testing.

Chrome also has a tool for that in its developer tools.

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Thanks so much Daniel!

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