Is Wordpress having any known issues with Hype?

Is Wordpress pretty solid running Hype? I have had no problems importing the hype animations. The only issue I had was the layouts got stuck on the iphone size while in desktop mode. I commented on here about it and someone said I must be using wordpress. I want to know if there is a buggy problem with WP before I abandon WP and move to straight html.

There is no one WordPress as it is a backend system with some hooks and conventions. The actual skin of your webpage is rendered through a theme (or lately also a theme builder). This means that all responsive aspects are mainly maintained through the code in the theme. There are many themes and different ways the layout the content (flexbox, floats, grid). This means that most likely the size is determining by the surrounding container.

If you are sure that Hype (or the plug-in) is responsible you can assign a class in the Hype WordPress plugin panel and define some widths and height values through that mechanism. Also if you got height issues with the short code make sure to define a height in the Hype IDE instead of a 100% rule.

Hope this helps a little.

There aren’t any known layout issues like this that I’m aware of, but it may be dependent on the theme being used.

I’d be curious if you resize your window in this state if it solves the problem? There is a possibility that the container may be changing size, but Hype is unaware of that. However Hype always listens to window size changes so that would trigger Hype to relayout and use the present container size. If that does fix it, then the workaround is to make a call to the hypeDocument.relayoutIfNecessary() API (I can help out on the right time/place to do this). If that does not fix it, then most likely the container size is being reported to Hype as smaller than you think, or there is an issue with the breakpoints.

I have solved the problem. I am using Avada which is the number one selling theme in the world. There are 5 places in the theme where you have to specify 0% or 0px. I missed one. Now I have them all selected and I have edge to edge Hype animations =)

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Great, glad you got it!

Hi Dave! Can you tell me (us) more about AVADA theme/Hype integration?
Thank you

I simply downloaded the latest version of the Hype Animations plugin. It’s super easy to use. You save your animations as .OAM’s and simply drop the .OAM into the Hype Animations plugin and it spits out embed code that you paste into your page. It’s that simple.

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