Is Whisk a WYSIWYG html editor?

Apologies for not knowing much, but I'm looking for a lightweight WYSIWYG html editor, and don't know enough to figure out if Whisk is such an app. I don't know how to right code, and only need to format online text fields that except html tags like bold, center, italic, and so on. Thanks for an info on finding such an app.

Whisk is not a WYSIWYG editor, but instead a code/HTML editor that has a live preview. You still need to know HTML, but it is easier to see that you coded it correctly with an editor like Whisk.

If you're looking for something that is true WYSIWYG then there are other editors like Webflow, Blocs, or Sparkle. These may be overkill for your needs; for really simple HTML output you might even be able to use TextEdit and just have it set to save as a .html file.

(Of course, if you're looking for doing animation in a WYSIWYG manner there's of course Hype!)

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