Is TvOS coming to Hype

It looks like the new tvOS uses html like syntax and JavaScript to load it’s pages.

The html is now tvml which is apples own mark up language. And it looks like they supply templates.

Reading that in the guide. Made me wonder if @tumulthype will be bringing tvOS to hype…?

Thought I’d cheekily ask on the of chance that you maybe would say…:grinning:

I mentioned tvOS in the Physics API thread. I'm not sure, but maybe a simple WebView will work. If Tumult is getting into Apple TV, maybe they should try to get one early...

Apparently, there's a chance to get a Developer Kit early – but the deadline is 12pm (PDT) today. Did you register to get one?

No I not in any rush at the mo.

I don’t think you will be able to use the normal APIs. But from my initial read , since there are templates already it may be possible to export in that same formate. The templates are customisable.

I'm not so sure about that. How would games work in such a limited environment? What makes you think the APIs will be limited? I saw mention of the Zillow App. That's a website. So if they're loading web based data, it seems like it shouldn't be too hard to load a Hype project.

But yeah, I can see Apple being a pest about this.

You may be right, it may be a simple thing of streaming the Hype data to the TVML page. ?

Apple is being a pest about this... no WebViews. Perhaps this is an opportunity for Tumult though. Maybe Hype could export to tvOS. That seems unlikely right now though. HA!

Thanks for confirming , It’s what I thought when I read there would be no localStorage, it seemed to really be saying you could not use a WKWebview and only tvO’s JavaScript and markup language to push to a page.

Webviews are probably going to be phased out imo, in favour of WKWebviews.