Is this possible using Hype

I’m looking at being able to produce a project in Hype that allows me add names to the lanes of a pool like in the image below.

The user will select from a selection of images and click a button which then applies the names to the lanes, all the images will from the same position.

Is this something that is possible to do using Hype,

The simple answer is yes.

I can only give you a simple ( Very basic ) example at the moment…

Your person images : Each have an ID that is the Persons Name.

Your Lane Number buttons : Each have a name that reflects the respective lane. i.e Lane7

Your Shape that is over the lane will also reflect the lane. i.e Lane7Title

When a user clicks a person. a Javascript global variable in your head file to hold the selected person name.
Then when they click a lane number. a Javascript will take the current name in the var and set the inner html of the shape for that lane.

There are two javascripts in use.

the first is run when a person is selected:

window.person =

The second when a lane button is clicked.

var thisLane = +"Title";
hypeDocument.getElementById(thisLane).innerHTML = window.person;

You will need to workout the logic for not having two lanes with the same person but that should not be too hard. (2.6 MB)

As I said this is a quick (dirty) example just to get across the idea…

Thanks for that something like that should do the trick.

Just need to work out how to correctly place the text boxes, looks like I need to use X under angle but that doesn’t seem to place it how I need.