Is there any way to get rid of the white bar in Reflect?

Is there a way to disabuse myself of the white bar that allows us to toggle between mirroring the Mac and displaying on the iPad?
If not, moving that button to the computer and having an accurate display on the device would be a big plus in the next version.

Really? That’s the word you want to use? Development is hard enough without fancy English. :smirk:

The white menu bar at the top of Hype Reflect can be hidden. There’s an icon at the top-right. It looks like a double arrow that’s tilted 45 degrees. Touching that icon should hide the menu bar.

It’s not often I get to use that word … :wink:


It helps if it is used in the correct context though… :smile:

You are basically saying can you be persuaded that your belief of the white menu bar is mistaken

So if it helps,

what white menu bar? I think you are seeing things, there is no white menu bar!
This is not the white menu bar you are looking for :raised_hand:

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It’s even more rare that people know what the word means and get to call me on my super inside (as in in my head) jokes … even rarer still when they manage to throw in a Star Wars reference so I say to you:

Well played, sir.