Is there a way to use a variable in the "go to URL" field?

Is there a way to use a variable in the “go to URL” field?
Would like to concatenate a string and a variable (variable + ‘’) but i see in the output js that it wraps “” around it. Tried several things but nothing works.

I do know that I simply can make my own function, and I did for now, but for the simplicity it would be nice if I could simply add the variable right into the “go to URL”-field.

You would need to instead run a JavaScript function, and build your URL with plain JavaScript – the Go To URL field is meant for regular URLs. What are you trying to link to? Can you explain a bit more about how you’re using variables?

I make a lot of banner ads and to ensure that the publish system tracks clicks, I need to put a string in front of each link. The string i generated by the publish system and it’s put in a variable. Some times the ad need to have 2-3 different links with each uniqe url. So instead of making 3 different functions, it would be nice if I could just put the variable and the url inside “Go To URL”. But seems like i need to just use functions then.