Is there a way to import editable Shapes from Illustration Programms?

I use Illustrator and Affinity Designer to create complex shapes. Is there a way to import them (or drag and drop or copy/paste them) into hype, so that the paths are editable?

While images/SVGs exported from other tools can be imported to Hype as images, there’s not presently a way to edit their paths with v4’s vector shape tools.

While we don’t make promises about specific features or their release dates, we’re aware of how powerful this would be and it was by far the most requested feature from beta testers!


So, basically. You have to import an SVG, then draw out a vector shape on top of it?
You cannot copy and paste points to any other software?
That is a bit cumbersome…

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It all depends on what your goal is. Fact is Hype doesn’t support SVG native and rather has it’s own store format. The runtime does generate a SVG on the fly from it, though. But it’s true that this could be improved. I guess it comes down to native SVG support or a built in on the fly converter between the native point management in the Hype vector tool and the SVG standard. Also looking forward what direction this is going to take. For now we have to “work around” but still Hype is the best solution, for me at least.

If your task cannot live without direct SVG maybe a combination of illustrator and works for you. I personally love Hype.

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