Is there a way to control video from the main timeline?

My end goal would be for the user to control a single video and it's position based on buttons. Essentially interactive video.

So the video automatically plays, then pauses where a pause timeline action is placed. At this point 4 buttons appear. Depending on what button is pressed, the video will resume playing from different points on the timeline. Also a looping section while waiting for the user to click a button would be amazing.

I've been looking for a day without much joy.

If anyone has any advice or clue where to look, I would be very grateful.

Thanks all!

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I should add...the video maybe relatively long (3-4 mins). Else I would have looked into individual frames, but compressed video will most likely be the only viable option.

video and timelines run independly in Hype. no sync.

@Daniel did some guide on it a time ago: Sync Timelines to Video & Audio in Tumult Hype

as the title say it's syncing timelines to video which would be the best approach.

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If you are just jumping from point to point then you likely do not need to sync video.

Using JavaScript, you just need to set the videos current time ( position) and continue play

The may be a little bit more to do in you case but to get a quick idea