Is there a way to automatically switch the Inspector view when a new item is selected?

In my version of Hype (4.1.13 (752)), after selecting an element or an object, I always have to manually open the respective Inspector tab.

For example, for a text object the typography tab or for an image the element tab.

I wonder if it is possible to automatically open the appropriate tab when an element is selected?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Do not think there is,

Also the relivent tab would be subjective to the intended action you plan for the selected element.

So what would be deemed the correct tab?

When you select an element, the program doesn’t switch the inspector tab automatically. You must manually select the appropriate tab (Typography for text elements, Element for image elements, etc.).

If this is something that would greatly improve your workflow, I’d recommend reaching out to Tumult’s support or their user forum to request this feature. Tumult is known to be very responsive to user feedback.

However, being someone who develops software there are reasons why an automatic switch to a relevant Inspector tab might not be implemented:

User Preference: Not all users might prefer the automatic switching of tabs based on the selected element. Some might find it disruptive to their workflow if the interface changes too frequently based on the selected item.

Consistency: Keeping the interface consistent can be important for usability. If tabs were to switch automatically, users might lose track of where they are in the interface.

Complexity: Each element type in Hype has multiple applicable inspector tabs. For instance, an image has relevant settings in Element, Metrics, and more. Automatically determining which one is most relevant could add unnecessary complexity.

Performance: Automatically switching tabs could require more system resources, potentially impacting the application’s performance.

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I'm not a fan of the suggestion for automatic tab switching in Hype. When working, I often focus on specific tasks and find myself repeating certain actions, such as assigning a class. Having the tab switch automatically disrupts this workflow and hinders my efficiency.

Thank you very much for your answers.

I asked because I know this from other tools. But I understand that this may not be easy and also not always desired.


Thanks for the feedback - we're definitely aware how Hype behaves here is sometimes not all expected depending on the tools you're familiar with. Most tools that are context-sensitive have either a smaller list of inspector items that are applicable or have tons of disclosure triangles that need constant toggling.

With Hype's inspector, everything but the first two inspectors (3-8) apply to elements. So there's really no way to know which properties you happen to be interested in. Our inspector follows a bit more of the older Keynote/Pages, which also leads to better muscle memory in figuring out where items are located since they typically aren't selection dependent.

If you're keyboard inclined, I definitely recommend keeping the left hand near command and learning cmd 1-8 to quickly toggle between inspector items. I think this is the fastest/most natural way to interact.