Is my Hype project crashing on iPhone?

My Hype project works fine on web browsers but seems to crash on mobile, especially iPhone XS.
It causes the web page to reload (it happens in Safari, iCab or Chrome!) on my iPhone XS but works fine on iPhone 7 or 8. It works fine on other Android devices and on iPad too.
Can you tell me if it crashes on your iPhone X, Xs or Xr so I can understand if the problem occurs for everyone or just me ? (I’ve restarted my iPhone, clear the network settings, delete the Safari’s cache, etc.). The web inspector returns no clue for the iPhone XS crash.
The project is at:

Thanks for your help.

iPhone 6s Plus crashes…

BTW what are you using to sync the audio and the subtitles?

The page reloads for me too… Can you share it with us so we can take a look? ( or attach it as a Zip file in your reply.

Thanks for your answer.
I’ve pushed a new version with the “WebKit acceleration” option disabled and it seems to work fine now.
Is it working for you too?

Hi MaxZieb,
There is no real sync between the music and the subtitle: it is just some text on the timeline.
For the audio I used Tone.js because i had the idea of syncing some animation parameters with the music using the FFT functions (Fast Fourier transform) that Tone.js provided, but so far i haven’t tryed this path. So the only audio function that i use right now is the pause/paly state.

Works great for me! We’d still like to take a look at this document to see why Webkit acceleration is crashing. You can send it by selecting Help > Report an issue and then including your document in the attachment window.

Hi Daniel,
The Hype file is available here.
If you want to test the whole project (with sound and custom js), the web export is here.

Thanks for your help.

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I haven’t looked at your file but saw this while reading through Tone.js:

Loading and Decoding AudioBuffers

On memory constrained devices like mobile phones, loading many and/or large audio files can cause the browser to crash during the buffer decoding.

Read about it here:

Maybe use another simpler Web Audio solution or check your buffer sizes.

Hi MaxZieb,
Thanks for your advice. Although, I’ve tried to play my project without any sound resource or sound library loaded and it still crashed on mobile.
Deactivate the 'WebKit acceleration" solved the problem with or without sound playing.

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