Is it possible two play two timelines at the same time

I’m working on an animation, where three color bars that have mutual borders are animated. When i rollover the top one a shape slides in, and when i rollout the shape slides out again, but at the same time crossing the border i rollover a second shape that does the same animation as the first one, while the first one slides out. Now i put those shapes in separate timelines. My question is if it is possible to play one timeline forward while an other timeline plays in reverse?

Symbols might work. They have separate timelines.

Yes, as long as they are different timelines you can play one forwards and one in reverse. Multiple timelines can play simultaneously and they can each have different playhead locations and directions (as selected by the “Play in reverse” checkbox from Start/Continue Timeline actions). If you need to kick off multiple actions at the same time, you can use the “+” button on the right of the action name to chain actions together. The Start/Continue Timeline actions are more like kickoffs and won’t wait to be played.

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i’ll give it a try. Thank you :slight_smile: