Is it possible to swap symbol?


is it possible to swap a symbol on stage with another symbol in resource, without touching the timeline animation?
i remember there is this function in flash’s movieclip?

for example i made a lot of animations with “symbol_proto”, and after prototyping i’d like to replace all the “symbol_proto” with “real_symbols”.

In my short experience, you cannot replace the whole symbol but you can replace the images used in it, listed in the Resources tab. I made a symbol containing text, a shape and an image and could select the resource and replace it by another image. All the instances of my symbol were updated. And the text you can edit it yourself in Hype.

Hi Carola,
Thanks for the reply!
I will try replacing the images.

Hope it worked! Could you achieve what you were trying and change your symbol? :slight_smile:

At last I make one symbol which will change its contents through Javascript based on which scene it’s in, since I really don’t want to pollute the Resource folder with many duplicated symbols, so far so good…

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I remember when I was using flash or animate I would use swap symbol constantly and I know it would be useful for Hype 4.

I'd like to revive this request. I am working with symbols and setting them up in certain constellation. Then I duplicate a scene and a symbol used in it to tweak it a bit… hence I just want to swap out the existing symbol with the tweak one but I can't. I need to drag it to the scene and recreate all external settings on it (dataset, animations etc.). It would be a great feature to just be able to swap out the underlying symbol.

The workaround is in duplicating the document. Tweaking the scene and copying the symbol, group or scene back to the initial document but that is error prone and tiresome.


Don't worry, this request is not off our radar :slight_smile:.


Looking forward to the swap feature - any news? Not to bug! :slight_smile:

Sorry, there's nothing to announce at this point! :slight_smile:

Has any progress ever been made on this 5-year-old request? It would be SO handy, especially for things like button symbols. It could work the way clip replacements work in Premiere. Select a symbol in the resource panel, then right click on a symbol in the document and say "swap with selected resource."


We have nothing to announce today, but definitely understand the importance! Thank you.

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