Is it possible to place an iFrame within a Hype document?

Is it possible to place an iFrame within a Hype document?

HTML Widget is an iFrame wrapped within a Div. So you need to access the iFrame with some code, or the better way if you need to access it dynamically is by using a rectangle element, and <iframe id="myiFrame"></iframe>. I say this because you cannot add an ID to the iframe itself, only the Div that wraps it :slight_smile:

Check out a site I made using PHP in an iFrame that will make a QR code for the user.

You just need to put the html widget element into your hype document and then edit it to display the url for the other site.

Thanks. I’ll check it out.

I found an inconsistency.

I created an object, sized it to the dimensions of my video, pasted in the iFrame code via HTML properties, and clicked out of it. The code showed up as text. I took a look and noticed that Hype had inserted a div and swapped out the carets within the iFrame code for caret character codes. I replaced the caret character codes with carets and everything was fine.

Then, as a test, I created another object, left it at the default size and pasted in the iFrame code. No problems. The poster frame instantly appeared. Then I set the object to the desired size.

Not sure why it messes with the formatting when pasting into a resized object….