Is it possible to make text overflow into another text box?

Hi I am creating a pdf generator and have text boxes that are populated with text from JSON files based on user selection.

The problem i have is that I need text to overflow into another text box on the following page if there are too many words to fit into the text box on page 1.

Anyone know if this is possible with Hype?
Thanks in advance for your help!
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Hey Stephen,

Is it possible with HYPE? Yes but it's not a Hype specific solution. You would need to use code in order to achieve this.

Is it complicated then? Hell yeah as there are many variables that can cause issues but if the text can be controlled i.e size, line height, spacing and the layout also consistent , then it may not be too difficult.

My thoughts on this are as follows ...

If you know exactly what text you will be populating the text areas with then you could use code to split the text based on word count and add the remaining to the other text boxes

If you can't control the input then it could get tricky fast. If I can I'll upload an example to explain what I mean but I'm not in the office atm :wink:

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perhaps just make use of css columns and Hype Symbols ...

very rough, did not do any finetuning


That looks like an interesting solution and something I had never used before. Looks like I could make this work, thanks @h_classen really appreciate the time to send on updated example!

Will now try to fine tune myself ! ... and upskill my css skills by the looks of it

Thanks @DBear good shout splitting text based on word count but that will be uncontrollable! Cheers for the reply very much appreciated !!

Just to be clear I'm referring to controlling the output in Hype not the text coming in.

For example, the elements you are using at present have set line heights and letter spacing plus padding and if you always have a Title and 2 line breaks followed by the text then you have your constraints and you would know a specific amount of words you can fit into that first element and then send the rest to the following element(s) but as I mentioned if the text is always different then it would become trickier.

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Have a look at the following Hype files:



Incredible thank you @MaxZieb looking forward to digging into these tomorrow - Many thanks for the lead

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