Is it possible to make a cloze activity using Hype?

Hi everyone,

I am a foreign language teacher currently studying my masters in educational technology. I’m currently creating a multimedia project and I’m hoping to use hype3. One section I’m hoping to create is a section where students need to complete a cloze activity.

Essentially, it is a sentence with one or more words removed and the student needs to type the correct word and then check their answer. Is it possible to create this with Hype and could anyone put me in the right direction to do so?

Many thanks in advance.

Almost anything is possible with Hype. This also depend on where you want to store the answers. This is possible thru a text file or mysql database.

I jotted up a quick draft of what I think your going for … check this example out (18.9 KB)

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Good try @Krazay

Yes, this is indeed possible and as Steve says almost anything is. What I would suggest thought is to have a go at it yourself (at least get it up and running with some design) and then ask if you get stuck.

You could use a little Javascript to help you.
You can store your words in an array and then check the user input against those words (no need for MySQL) or as Steve says store them in a text file and check against that. Many ways to achieve the results.

As I said though. Get something going and then come back for some help. :wink:

Thanks Krazay and DBear for your help. I’m going to investigate Krazays solution and then I’ll try my own. Unfortunately I have zero experience with java but I’m interested to learn.

There are great opportunities to use Hype in education. It would be great to see more examples of code for teachers with less coding experience like my myself. From what I can see Hype is more capable than other solutions that cost 20X the price.

If you want to learn some javascript, there are tons of tutorials out there on the web. I taught myself with a site called A good knowledge of HTML is also very useful. Once you start on your project, and run into problems, ask here in the forum. Tons of smart cookies here, and I know lots of them are eager to help. DBear is one of my favourite helpers. I get stuck somewhere, he has provided amazing insight! Now i’m hungry, and shall find something to eat, like a cookie :slight_smile: