Is it possible to embed an HTML directory inside of a Hype document?

My client has provided an HTML directory to be embedded inside of my Hype document.
Is that even possible? The directory has this structure:

Thanks all! @Daniel @Jonathan


Hype's Resources Library does not allow for importing a hierarchical structure, so the basic answer is no. However, you could just move this wherever you want for an export and have an HTML Widget use a specified URL that points to it via relative path.

On the flip side, if you do want Hype to export its files in a specific structure, you could look at the "Organized Asset" export script. It only puts things in a few folders, but the code could be modified to add more like "csv," "pdf", etc. You'd need logic for that though.

Thanks @Jonathan!


If you want an iframe to be relative to the .hyperesources folder, you'd set the specified URL to something like ${resourcesFolderName}/myOtherFolder/index.html.

${resourcesFolderName} is a magic variable that gets substituted on export with the folder name.

That makes sense to me. What doesn't is why some webpages display in HTML widgets . . .

. . . and why others don't.

The second is trying to load

Can you make me smarter? :slight_smile:


It is a security risk to allow a website to be 'framed' within an iframe, so banks typically disallow that, as do sites like '' and '' -- but no Joe Zeff. (You wouldn't want to have someone logging into a banking website while it is embedded elsewhere)

Makes sense. Thanks!