Is it possible to create objects permanently for several scenes?

I'm just trying out what I can do with hype.

I have made a small program that consists of several scenes.
Certain elements (like buttons or menu items) should appear in the same place in each scene.

I wonder if it is possible to create some kind of "master scene" whose elements appear permanently in every scene assigned to this "master scene".

So something like the master slides in powerpoint.

Is it possible to do something like this in Hype? Or do you have to re-insert all the elements in each scene?

those could do the job


Thank you for your response.

Symbols are one of several things on my list to get to know Hype better.
In fact, I was going to take a closer look at the symbols tomorrow night.
I think I will do that already today. This seems to be exactly what I was looking for. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks so much for your help

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