Is it necessary to keep the full.min.js file?

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Hi, I’ve tried this software for the first time and works a treat. I have zero HTML5 knowledge but I’ve created a looping animation. I sent it to the vendor and they came back asking if the .plist file and the full.min.js files are important. When they tested without those files the animation still works and the file size is much smaller. What are these files for and is it ok to remove them from the folder?

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In short, unless you are using Physics in your project or you need to support IE 6-9 then you don’t need the HYPE-(version).full.min.js You can just use the thin version.

Please note that this may change in the future.

The .plist is used to restore your project if you lose the original. Again, no need to have this.


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That’s great! Thanks so much for the reply. Very helpful.