Is Hype the right app for my project?


I’m an old Flash guy, with almost 20 years experience with Flash and Director.

I’m trying to build an animated network map of our organization. I want to show electricity and data flowing, and have switches to simulate a power outage or ISP outage. I want the animation to change to show that power or data is coming from a different source. I have an electronic circuit simulator that does this very well. I would want to use this for other situations also. Basically, all emergency contingency planning. I need to show the non-technical how our systems would handle an outage.

I guess what I’m looking for is Omnigraffle meets Flash. Omni would be ideal, but there is basically no interactivity with that app, so it wouldn’t work for me. I only need for this to work on a browser on a handful of computers. Maybe just on an iPad.

Thanks for any advice.


I would have thought you could do this in Hype. You may even be able to copy images out of OG and into Hype to save on making an element from scratch.

I have not looked these in detail myself but there are some Infographics examples in the Hype Gallery…


Is there a way to push variables into the hype elements, similar to what you would do with flash.

Thanks for your help

Hype operates on the HTML DOM, so you can use javascript methods to either manipulate the DOM directly (such as setting the .innerHTML of an element if you want to put some text/html inside), or when possible using Hype 3.5’s getter/setter API to change specific properties of elements.

In some cases if you’re doing really complex diagrams on the fly it might just be easier to do SVG or Canvas programming from within JavaScript.