Is Hype content available for download?

I am making content (moving picture books) for browsers with Hype. Will readers be able to download Hype content when this content is published online?

In General: Yes

That is the nature of putting it “out” there. Hype uses background images and there is no direct “download” but with some technical background or using a web archive function they can. But that “problem” isn’t a Hype thing it is inherent to the most of the web.

Thank you everyone for your comments!

I confirmed that I can download a fixed page with the save function of the browser. But it's a problem if you download the entire content, including the animation & the action.

Is it possible to download the entire content?
There is content that has already been published, so I would like you to verify that you can download the entire content. The content is published on my website.

It sounds like you're not publishing as an ebook format, and instead want to make access to the web files? In this case a browser's save feature probably won't quite do what you want and instead I'd recommend making a zip of your .html file and .hyperesources folder available.

Users can typically then just open the .html file.

There are a couple security gotchyas with file:/// URLs though if they need to access remote content, so make sure to test to make sure everything works.

@jonathan: don't think he wants to offer anything. In the contrary he is worried that people steal his content.

@katachineru: The save as function only save the snapshot of the content currently displayed. So, you can't download everything at once but you could if you know a little about HTML, JS etc. But that is the nature of the open web.

Thank you for your detailed explanation!

Yes, as Mr.MaxZieb says, I'm worried about my content being stolen.

However, if anyone can download Hype content, as Mr.Jonathan says, I will consider how to sell it on the premise of downloading.

Thank you everyone!

I thought about downloading my content that I wrote on Hype.

My content has to clear the 360 ​​degree VR scene in the progress of the story to proceed. This 360 degree VR is displayed in Hype content using Hype's HTML widget. This 360 degree VR does not display the image in the browser when trying to play a VR file saved on the local disk. In other words, it cannot be played unless it is placed on a network server. It seems that this specification aims at the effect of suppressing the download of contents. The source image is also divided into small pieces that are difficult to reconstruct.

Even if the Hype content is downloaded, if the VR file name of the external link is changed regularly, the downloaded Hype content will not be able to display the VR part, so it may be a deterrent to the download.

If Hype has a similar export option, It may be easier to sell work with Hype.

It isn't clear what you are hitting; I know WebVR/WebXR has HTTPS requirements to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks for personal information (more here), but you're probably just hitting mixed content issues that are in violation of CORS.

Generally, I would not worry about someone downloading your content unless this has been a problem for you in the past. Hype's export data is in a minified JavaScript and aside from perhaps changing basic text, there's not much folks can do with it.

Hype does export a restorable file (it would look like "4454F5-restorable.plist"). This is basically a whole .hype document, and is for the purpose to help out folks who may have lost their .hype document but still have an export. A visitor would have to guess the name of this file, but if they had it then they could conceivably open your document in the Hype application if they have all the other .hyperesources files via Hype's Help > Restore Document from Export… menu. You can disable exporting this file by unchecking Create restorable document file when exporting in Hype's General Preferences.

Thank you for your detailed advice!

From now on, when exporting content with Hype, I will use the option settings instructed.

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