Ipad Responsive Layout erase other Layouts

me again, sorry.

  1. I configured my beautiful App for the Web. Once done, I decided to
    add Responsive Design. I did it with no problem (Hype is Really
    Great !).

  2. I decided to add a Layout for Ipad Portrait with breakpoint width to
    768px, and i checked on my Ipad Hype Client i was working good. No

  3. I viewed my App on Firefox and Safari: resizing was clear.

Now: when i uploaded to my site including it in a Wab Page: the Ipad Layout was showing to every size. I was unable to switch to large Layout on my Computer neither on my MacBook.

What didn’t I understand ? :confused:

Thank you-

Can you share a link please?

Thank you for answering so fast.
Here is a link to a working version:
The problem is that i included it in a Main Web Page and it’s messing it up. Can a div container which width is set to 80% of the page constrain the Layout ?

I’m seeing separate layouts when I resize that page:



Can you let me know a bit more about you want to see and what you’re actually seeing?

It looks like you have your document set to scale to 100% of the width, but you should also be able to set scaling to 80% as well.