iPad OS Safari Bug?

Hi Guys! I hope everyone is well.
I recently have been using the Hype plugin for wordpress. It’s been amazing. I wish I’d found it sooner.
However, I’ve stumbled upon a problem.
One of the hype docs isn’t responding on Safari for my iPad (11 inch iPad pro).
The page works fine on Computers, Kindle, iPhone 7+, 3rd gen retina iPad, iPhone 6s, but not on my iPad 11’s Safari. ICabMobile and Chrome on the same 11 inch iPad also work. Only Safari on the iPad doesn’t work. The buttons don’t respond at all
Any thoughts? Other apps that I use on the same site work fine on the same iPad.
Here is a link to the page.
Thanks in advance!

That’s very strange, I can reproduce the problem as well. I’m seeing this even on a blank page with your document: https://codepen.io/themorgantown/full/wvMJVNe

Can you share your document with us by using Help > Report an Issue?

I think this is related to the ‘open in new window’ checkbox you have checked for the ‘on mouse down’ action. I recommend using the ‘Mouse Click’ action instead. The iPad appears to be silently blocking this URL because it thinks it is a popup. It is unclear why only the iPad is failing to load that URL.

Thanks Daniel, I’ll give it a try. If the issue isn’t resolved, I’ll send the file via Report an Issue.

It seems to have fixed the problem! Thanks again!