iPad deployment show different text than MacBook

I hope this isn’t a stupid question.
I’'ve built a Web site in Hype that plays perfectly on a MacBook Pro, but the text is sized differently when seen on an iPad (both running Safari). The scene size is the preset for iPad landscape (1024x690), and I do no scaling or positioning with JS or CSS.
The iPad has no settings that change text size (Favorites bar is Off).
All the text is Arial 14 and Arial 16, which I believe is Web safe and standard, no?
A sample scene can be seen Here

Thanks to anyone who knows what this problem is about.

I think this issue has to do with how line-height ‘normal’ is calculated by the iPad vs Safari. Can you try explicitly setting a line height in the text inspector for your text boxes in the Typography inspector?

Thanks, Daniel.
Changing the line-height does resolve the problem.
Here’s what I found:
I believe the ‘normal’ line-height, at least for Arial 14, is 18.
Changing that to 20 produces a text display on the iPad that matches the MacBook Pro,
both running Safari.
So, after changing line-height in Hype, and making necessary adjustments to make the now-taller lines fit in the allotted field size, the text on the iPad looks good.
I hope this also helps others.