Ipad Audio not loading

(Carey) #1

On ipad, audio and video are not playing (I know because it is synced to captions text in the timeline that play), but there is no sound for the audio and the controls have a play button present that when I click on, nothing happens. For the video, there is a play button on the screen but when I press it nothing happens!

I have to display my website on an Ipad next week and the audio and video aren’t working… How do I use Hype on an ipad to display audio and video? How do I have it continue to sync with the main timeline/subtitles? (The website will also be on a laptop, not only an ipad, it needs to be compatible for computers, ipads, and phones).

Thank you!

(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

Are you on iOS 10.3? There’s an unfortunate incompatibility with Hype and iOS 10.3, but a release with a fix for this is imminent.

(Carey) #3

Wow!! I wish I had known that… Is it possible to get access to the update like, tomorrow? I have made a multimedia documentary with 5 chapters for my MA thesis project all on Hype. I have to display it on an ipad at my thesis exhibition beginning next Tuesday. Please, what can we do?

Thank you!

(Jonathan Deutsch) #4

You can download v3.6.2 ahead of time from here:


(Carey) #5

Thank you so so much! I downloaded this, put it in the applications folder, opened my previous hype documents - there were no popups or anything, but Hype 3 is open. Does that mean when I save the hype document now it’s saving in this updated version? When I go to About, it says it is running v3.6.2

This should solve the issues with audio and video playing on the ipad?

(Jonathan Deutsch) #6

Yes, as long as you copied and are running v3.6.2, then the export will solve iOS 10.3 audio issues. If it doesn’t let me know :).

(Joy) #7

We are having a similar issue with audio and video not playing in IOS10. Most of our iPads are about to be updated to IOS10 and in our sample testing we noticed that some videos won’t play audio, but most won’t play at all. We are using hype v3.6.2. They are not set to autoplay, and work fine in older versions of IOS but that won’t be feasible much longer. Our next step is rebuilding our hype files in Adobe Edge as those still seem to work.

Do you have any insight on this? I know there is a larger IOS10.3 issue in general, but there has to be a way around this that doesn’t include abandoning Hype all together.


Can you share a sample so we can reproduce this?

(Joy) #9


Here is a link to one of the projects in questions. There are 3 sections on the page, you can see a play button in the middle. We have it starting a video timeline which launches a lightbox and plays the video. We use a third party vendor to host these and display them on an app on our iPads. In this example, the video will stay completely black and the play button does nothing.

I can send source files too if you think that helps.

(Joy) #10

In our app, the videos don’t play or do anything when clicked. They are totally DOA. Vendor insists there is no problem on their end…

(Joy) #11

We have yet to find a workable solution. Looks like we will have to abandon Hype for Adobe Edge for the foreseeable future. If there is anyone else experiencing these issues, please follow up and let me know what your work-arounds are. Thanks for the help!


Apologies for losing track of this thread. Can you share your document & app with me? Or, could you send me a personal message with your zipped up file if you are unable to share? (Click ‘message’ on my profile page here).

(Actually I think I have found it here: https://github.com/JoyDBI/Shine8_Bridesmaids )


I think the issue is your use of the touchdown / mouse click actions. When you hit a play button, these things are triggered:

I would simplify this so that Mouse Click runs all its required actions in one ‘Tap / Mouse click’ action. I can’t reproduce the issue on an iPhone or iPad running iOS 10, but I can imagine how older iOS versions might have issues with multiple audio elements playing/pausing (and a video element loading) at the same time.

Can you tell me more about the environment in which this webpage runs?

(Joy) #15

Hey Daniel! I will zip over some files for you! Right now all video audio works great in IOS9. However we will be moving over to IOS10 and those who are updated are already having issues. We can’t stop the roll out so right now our solution is to remove all videos an have a separate link to them. I can see how your solution could work, however, I’ll send you one of our test files which has no button actions. Just a video, no timelines, and the video is DOA.

(Joy) #16

Ok, my test file was too big to upload here (probably because I have both OGG and WebM videos in there as well for backups. I used WeTransfer: https://wetransfer.com/downloads/b7ebbf48fe9bf9d1e8d0662527e98ad220170516144545/9dab97e196342f347479d7f2d8d7debf20170516144545/83726b

The image is what I see on the iPad. The video buttons work, but the video won’t play.

(Joy) #17

As for audio, The keyclicks play, but none of the other audio. I’m just using mp3s for audio and mp4’s for video. Is there a compression standard that you know of that could be affecting the playback?


The videos in the test file work great for me on iOS 10 (Mobile Safari), but I still think I’m missing the key detail which is: how are you loading this page on an iPad?

(Joy) #19

We have a 3rd party Vendor, “Multimedia Plus” which hosts each html file as a section in an app. We use their website https://www.quizscore.com to load it into our app. We do have a communication with them and they insist nothing has changed so we needed to look elsewhere for why ios10 has caused audio / video to break.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #20

If you have access to the browser developer console it would be interesting to see if there were any errors.

(raph) #21


I am having the same issue with audio not working on recent iOS, works fine on my old iOS 8 iPad. Is an update still in the works? Thanks!

Update: on iOS 10.3.2 audio plays if I add the app to the home screen after selecting ‘home screen web app’ in hype. (including audio not triggered by touch events which is nice!).

Have not yet tested when delivered via Cordova.