iPad app choppy and jittery

Hi there,

I’ve designed a responsive playable ad that works perfectly on iPhone as well as Safari responsive design mode. However, when I test the playable on the latest iPad, the playable works fine but for every transition to the next scene, the playable seems to stagger, like it’s loading very slowly. I’ve tried everything I could find on the forum: reducing the asset sizes (they are pretty small now), increasing the transition time (now it’s at a crossfade at 1 sec), and so on. Animations are fine, it’s just the transition to the next scene.

It’s not so terrible looking but it’s pretty annoying that the playable isn’t smooth on iPad. It’s just weird that I can’t get the same problem on iPhone or on Desktop.

You can also try unchecking Use WebKit graphics acceleration and/or checking Position with CSS left/top in the Document Inspector. Sometimes these have different performance characteristics.

Beyond this, to help it would be useful to post a zip of your .hype document along with knowing which iPad model and OS version you’re using.