IOS Loading Problem

Hey Folks,

i have a Problem with a small hype imagemap! On Desktop all Browsers this projekt running fine!
Mobile-Phone is fine too. Only iPhone it gives trouble, only 2 Maps are loaded and when the site would be refresh all Maps disapear ... can anyone help me?
Sorry my english is not so good =)

stat-inzidenz-time-dtl (105.1 KB)

If you try to load one of the map iframes directly on iOS, it will not load under the inspector with this error:

[Warning] Total canvas memory use exceeds the maximum limit (384 MB). (index.html, line 8)

So it appears the map is hogging resources which allows it to not display. I assume it triggers instantly with the developer tools since those have some memory overhead, whereas when they are turned off there's enough memory to display a couple of the maps. This is a theory of course - by not being able to use the developer tools it does mean the issue could be masked by something else.

But I'd probably spend time working on ways to reduce the map code's memory usage.

As another point, it looks like you have "Create offline application cache" set. If this infographic is not meant to be used when the user is offline, it is highly recommended to not use this setting. The cache.manifest technology it relies on is quite buggy in browsers and will lead to inconsistent results on reloads.

Thank you for your prompt reply. We look at what we can optimize.

best regards André

why is it developed to have a complete new document for each value?
I'd guess that if there's only one iFrame to load it may work ...

These are individual projects that are collected in this hype module ...
If one is updated, this also happens in the module!

yes, i saw that and its been my question as it does not seem to be necessary :slight_smile: but all ok ... :slight_smile: