Inverse SEO in Hype (Data in HTML)


I used Hype 2.5 to build 3 webpages and I found myself implementing a reverse data lookup in every case. The normal SEO behavior of Hype is to export the text you use to the surrounding HTML document so it can be found by a search engine. I was really wondering why this feature only dumps the data instead of using the webpage as it’s actual data repository. So I implemented a function the reads a div by ID and grabs the content to replace the content of a DIV inside my project. The downside is that I don’t have the contet visible until publishing it and viewing it embeded in my preped HTML page.

Please implement a feature to store the content of a HTML widget directly in the page. Bi-Directonal edits would be possible (from Hype but also from the source-HTML)

(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

Thanks for this feature request. We’d like to be able to do this at some level; though it isn’t quite as easy as doing a straight dump (there would be technical issues with running scripts potentially multiple times and such). Definitely on our radar to improve that way tags with semantic values to search engines can be exposed.


I am currently doing this by running a function that grabs an ID (example:headline_productsection) and locates a similar ID in HYPE and replaces the content on init …


getElementByID( InHype_headline_productsection).content = getElementByID (headline_productsection )

This way it replaces it and takes the content from the page.