Introducing HypeDocks, a new resource 😄

Hello everybody!

My name is Michelangelo, and I am a Hype web designer and web developer.
I have been working with Hype from version 1.
I love the software and I have left EdgeAnimate for Hype time ago. I also create applications with hype.

After having fun on this great forum, I have had an idea: I wanted to create a specialized website named “hypedocks” where it would be easy to find out what other designers have done with Hype, new ideas, tips and tricks, widgets. A different format, a resource for all users, updated by the users themselves.
The forum is our most important asset and I think hypedocks can be a valuable resource to learn as much as possible about Hype.

I have scoured the web looking for the most inspirational and useful resources for someone looking to improve his work with Hype.

All developers are more than welcome for this project! I hope to offer a good showcase for all works made with this amazing software.

Possible improvements: I would make an improved showcase for professional developers, even with commercial products or services.

I would like to thanks all members of the forum who helped me, a specially to @gasspence and @KrissBill for the help in my work on the site and to Tumult for allowing me to work on this project.

Thanks to @jameskoh @h_classen @nick @VGo @julian @rene @MarkHunte @vincentd @armelle @drewbullen @craigah13 @gaz @Olof @ferbis @colinredwilliams @Luckyde @thejoepeach @johnapurdy @gaz @BigPoppaE @elcalibano @ocultor @Photics @jon4896 @Ben1 @maxpiantoni and many others for the support. LOL

So, here are already some templates, articles, and tips to release your creativity!

What you can do with hypedocks

  • Share addons ( functional Hype templates ), in this case you should became an author ( with your personal space in hypedocks) . Note: Post your work in this forum first. I need the Zipped Template file hosted in this server.

  • Show your apps made with hype; fill this form (no subscription) or drop me a message

  • Show websites made with hype; use the form in the page.

  • Writing articles about your work ( tips, reviews and tutorials) in the blog-news.


Congratulations Michelangelo,

Thank You Michelangelo! I’ve done a brief perusal and look forward to a more in-depth exploration.

Great work! Very well done. Some widgets are impressive.

Congratulations on your website launch. It’s community resources like this that help move Hype into mainstream software.

It is exactly what I would do :smile:

@colinredwilliams @JimScott @KrissBill @Photics

It looks very good. Like you, I’m a RapidWeaver user and I think RW and Hype have something in common – they’re intended for people who want to create without restraint but appreciate an easier way to do things.

Wonderfull resource! I can only show my deepest respect for this initiative. Just great!!

thanks @peterdanckwerts you centered another important point.

Someone ask me if hype is better than RW for making websites.
programs are too different and you can not compare.
RW is very fast! ( well programmed, a great piece of software and you have a lot of external addons) while hype allows absolute control like never before.
I use both, even together.

Thanks!! This is only the beginning. guys, now I need your help :smile:

Love it Love it!!

@michelangelo - HypeDocks turned out really nice…Congrats! Anything that helps promote Hype developers’ work is good for all of us. Thanks for doing this, and for including some of my work!

Thanks again John

I would like to add content for all categories.
With your work, we introduced the category EDUCATION which is very important because Hype is perfect for this purpose.
I'm also working on other categories like GAMES and WEBDESIGN (with the big help of some devs), there is much things to organize!

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HI Michelangelo

Great initiative and I hope to be involved in the future.
I am a prfessional Graphic Designer specialised in Infographics and I fell in love with Hype for the easiness it gave me in starting to create interactive infographics.
I have tried to add something to the gallery but I couldn’t find an area dedicated to Infographics or a contact detail.
I may have missed something (as I often do) but if I didn’t it would be nice to know and I will be more than happy to contribute.
Great Work!

Hi Moreno and thanks for your works!
you are welcome

I added the list of options for Developers at the top of the page

Feel free to ask my help :smile:

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@michelangelo Hi Michel, I found the Tab Panel + Custom Behavior on Hypedocks and have tried to use it for my own project. I’m struggling to make it work on my project and need help with it urgently.

Did you create the template? If not, Is it possible to point me to the person who built the templateso I can seek advice? Thank you so much for creating hypedocks. It’s a fantastic resource! :slight_smile:

Hi @ewong and sorry the delay

you can use the private message

Thanks a lot Eddie
HypeDocks is helpful for learning!