Internet Explorer not showing exported HTML

Hi there,

Just finished a series of educational resources for a client and have discovered that they don’t work on Internet Explorer 9 to 11.

Every other browser displays them fine - Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc, but IE just gives a blank page with no real explanation in the debugger as to what might be going wrong. It occasionally coughs up a “Incorrect document syntax. Line 1, Column 1”.

I’m testing on Windows 7 running IE 11.0.9600.17959

There weren’t any IE compatibility errors thrown up on export from Hype, so I’m at a loss to think what might be wrong.

I am using JS libraries (jquery, jquery ui, jquery ui touch/punch). Might these be at fault? I’ve tried bypassing all the usual Active X/Script nonsense that IE usually blocks, but still no dice.

Here’s a link to one of the drag and drop activities:

and here’s a link to the exported html file and assets folder as a zip:

Am I doing something stupid?

Thanks in advance

EDIT: If I add a Hype loading bar to the page, it shows that, but doesn’t get any further.

Hi Alex

Have you tried not linking to the jQuery Mobile Library or any of the others to see if that changes anything?

I notice a lot of console.log calls I assume this was done for testing. I did remember somewhere that this might affect IE but not really sure if that’s something to go on. Just a thought. My thinking is get rid of or comment out the console.log calls and see if that does anything.


Thanks. I’ll take a look at both those suggestions.


I commented out all the console.logs and removed any reference to jquery mobile ui, mobile and ui touch-punch, leaving just jquery 2.1.4 (which is needed otherwise the code won’t run) and then tried.

I also removed the HYPE calls OnSceneLoad to the two javascript functions which run the activity, so that no javascript would be running, but the page still wouldn’t display on IE.

So frustrating!


Think I’ve worked it out. It was the ‘Preload’ tick boxes rather than anything else.

Unticked all the preloads in the Resources and then it worked fine on IE.

Not sure what the larger cause might be, but the client’s going to be happy… :slight_smile:

EDIT: Thought I ought to find out what exactly was causing it, rather than just a blanket unticking of all preload boxes. It was the preloads on the svg files for the custom fonts in particular that was causing the problem on IE. Once the preload boxes for these had been unticked it worked. Just in case this helps someone else in the same position!

Thanks for your help.


no problem. Glad you got it sorted. I’m going to invite Jonathan to the post to see if he has any insight on it.


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The problem is that your .svg fonts are not actually SVGs, they are OpenType font data. IE is choking trying to read it as an SVG. IE never seems to call the resource preload error handler instead just dropping the error on the floor, so we are indefinitely waiting and not loading the document.

You should try to find the real .svg files for this document!

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Cheers. I’ll check them out (they were generated automatically by an online conversion service, so they must have been corrupted.)

Client happy, but then the console.logs which DBear pointed out borked IE9. Commented all of them out and everything’s tickedy-boo (or as tickedy-boo as IE will allow). Thanks for all your help.


Hi it seems im having a very similar issue where it all loads but then the functionality is very weirdly not working, when you said

"I’ve tried bypassing all the usual Active X/Script nonsense that IE usually blocks,"

what isit you bypassed what is the known Active X conflict?

Thanks in advanced