Internal links - consolidating/replacing duplicates

Cleaning out the junk is a key step for outputting a document. I often see that Hype will display duplicate items in the Resources inspector, incrementing file names with “-1” etc. I need to be able to quickly replace the duplicates with the original. Several things would come in handy with this.

The first is to be able to click on an item in the Resources folder and highlight the object on the stage wherever it appears. At present, all I can do is see a preview of the item in a floating window.

The second is to select one or more items in the Resources inspector and use a contextual menu to select “Replace from Resources”, "Replace from File:, etc.

One more little goodie would be to expand the width of the Resources inspector so that I could view longer filenames at a glance.


Thanks for the requests!

In Hype v3.6, if you drag files with the same name into the Resource Library, it will now ask to keep or replace them instead of making the “-1” duplicates.