Intermediate scrolling issue with IE

I am creating an html document where you scroll down and animation happens as you go. I am using a very simple Javascript and it works absolutely great everywhere except IE 11.

For some reason it fires hypeDocument.goToTimeInTimelineNamed() only at the end of the scroll, no intermediate steps.

When you scroll in IE with a mouse ScrollAmount is changing per pixel but the argument of the function gets only end position. therefore the animation jumps from point to point.

Everything works fine in Edge, Chrome, mobile or in IE if scrolled with sidebar.

Is there anything I should know about hypeDocument.goToTimeInTimelineNamed()? What am I missing?

Test URL:

Your code looks correct and does work; I suspect IE 11 just is not firing the scroll events to the javascript as frequently as other browsers. I visually could reproduce what it sounds like you’re hitting when I was showing developer tools. But when I did a clean reload, running nothing in the background, and no developer tools displayed, I did seem to get a few intermediate frames. Also using the scrollbar resulted in more frames displayed. See video:

You can probably just have a counter and write out how many times the method is fired to test this, but I would show this in an element and not the console.log as developer tools definitely seems to affect performance for me.