Interface: Moving timeline/element list from the bottom to the side


Let me admit that this question is extremely simple and somewhat stupid, but I cannot figure it out. I was a Hype 2 user for years, and at some point I figured out how to move the timeline/element list from the bottom to the side where I much prefer it to be. Since I animate only with javascript, I don’t need the timeline and I prefer the element list to be off to the side. It has been so long since I reconfigured Hype 2 that way, that I don’t remember how I did it. When I upgraded to Hype 3 a few months ago it defaulted to the timeline/element list on the bottom. I resisted asking how to do this because I assumed I would figure it out again, but so far I have not, I am ashamed to admit.

So. How do you do it; move the timeline/element list to the side?

(Greg) #2

There are little handles that you can grab to move the panes around at the top right of each movable pane…


Go to view: widescreen layout


Thanks fellas. It was driving me nuts. Especially since I apparently knew how to do it several years ago. Advancing age no doubt. Oh well. We bump along with what we’ve got left.

(Warren Adams-Ockrassa) #5

Never fear, you didn’t know how to do it several years ago, because it couldn’t be done then. :wink: The moveable tabs for timelines, etc. are novel as of Hype 3. What we had before was floating palettes around a locked stage/timeline view, not an integral-view all-in-one window.