Interface improvements

Hi .
Several interface suggestions (for version 4.0?)

  • Group Scenes into folders.
  • Color Coding of layers, scenes, etc.
  • Zoom stage: fit to screen (like Command 0 in photoshop).
  • Place markers on timeline (Command M)
  • Linking Hype projects together (creating multiple smaller Hype projects rather than one big one).
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actually === zoom to 100%

If I understand your reply correctly then… No.
100% is the actual document size in pixels. That may be larger (or smaller)
than the computer screen size, especially on a laptop. In photoshop,
Command 0 fill the screen entirely, no less and no more. That may be 87%
and it may be 142%.
Thanks nevertheless.

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… and may be 5% for a large side …
100% zooming is a well thought compromise in my opninion.
cmd- and cmd+ will let you zoom in/out

I miss being able to select and duplicate more than one scene at time.

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Thanks for the feedback - all good requests.

We probably won’t change the keyboard shortcut for a 100% zoom, but if we add arbitrary zoom factors we’d do a different keyboard shortcut for fit to window.