Interesting Tip for Exporting files: Blank elements after upload to server if filenames contain foreign characters

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I did export my design to a .html doc and a .hyperesource file and uploaded it to my test server.
Soon, I did notice that some elements (logo and other image) did not appear in the website.
After checking, I found that these two files had “tilde” or some special characters with punctuations, for example: triángulo.jpg, logo_nación.png… ó, á, í…
As soon as I did erase these special characters, replaced the files, exported and uploaded, the problem was solved.

Hope this tip helps someone.


Thanks for reporting this. Some web servers handle foreign characters correctly, and some do not – better to use standard characters for filenames whenever possible.

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Thanks @Daniel, I’ve learned a lot in these forums, is better to share relevant info.
Its a great software and an excellent community in the forums.