Interactivity On Page Slows Down After Awhile Or Over Time

(elcalibano) #1

Before I post any files or links relating to this topic, I wanted to ask about performance in a more general way and see if anyone else has noticed this issue. The issue is that I’ve put up a portfolio, with about a dozen scenes, scene transitions, interactive buttons, external interactives loaded into a portfolio scene through iframes, animated gifs, but it runs perfectly (all of the imported assets have preload unchecked) as soon as the page is loaded.

But if I leave the page up, and go do other things, maybe even leaving the page up for hours or days, and then I go back to that page, without reloading it, suddenly everything responds as if dipped in Molasses (super slow). When I reload, no problem, it’s back to normal.

I tried to search for other references to this topic, and I did read the one about animations getting out of sync if tabbing away in a browser, but I didn’t find anything that seemed to fully address this issue, which I feel like I’ve noticed in the past, but haven’t felt the need to mention it previously. I wanted to create a heading that would come up if anyone in the future searches for this topic.

Just as one example, a mouseover on a button that makes a timeline animation play, no longer taking 10/100’s of a second, but seeming to take 1 or 2 seconds upon mouseover. I also think the slow down becomes more pronounced the longer the page has been up without reload.

There may be some answer from Team Hype, but I also just wondered if any other user had experienced this, knows what I’m talking about.

I could be wrong, but I haven’t noticed this on other interactive sites that I’ve left open and come back to after hours or days. Don’t know if it’s a consequence of how Hype works or if this does happen with any interactive that uses javascript and I just haven’t happened to have noticed it before.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

We’ve received a couple reports over time, but nothing substantial or significantly reproducible. If you have a document that exhibits this behavior please send it (along with browser/device info) and I’d love to try to reproduce.

(Mark Hunte) #3

I have not seen this.

What browser/s do you see this in. Do you get it in just one Browser or others.

Some things to try

  • Do not load these and see what happens…?

  • Looked at the console for the page to see if any errors or print outs are being generated?

Does this only happen when the page is servered from your website.

  • What happens if left in preview via Hype
  • happens if when exported to a local directory and viewed.

(elcalibano) #4

Rather than relying on memory, I will try all those variables in the next day or two, and let you know what happens. I’ve been mainly using Chrome to view and test the site.

(elcalibano) #5

My first tests is that the console shows no errors in Chrome but, when previewed from Hype into Chrome, after less than an hour I noticed significant slow down. When previewed in Safari, for the same amount of time, I didn’t notice any slow down. I will write more as I have time to conduct more tests.