Interactive WWI panorama

(kerguelen) #1

Hi to all,
Just to show you the animated panoramic view of a WWI american camp in France I made with Hype for a lecture.
This is quite simple trick using drag timeline function.
Click/drag horizontal on the photo or click/drag vertical on the map to navigate through the panoramic view. Needle shows view axis direction.

(Freelancer) #2

nice work! I like the map style

(kerguelen) #3

Thanks !
Map is taken from the original camp plan drawn in 1918 :wink:


Really nice done! Effect is great.

You also put in a full screen option that works in all browsers I tested. What code did you use for this?


(kerguelen) #5

Hey ! Thanks.
As for the full screen option, it’s all explained here :wink: Solved ! - Scale document to window size and fullscreen


Thanks! I’ll check that thread out.