Interactive timeline Suggestions

Please can someone help, I am new to Hype. I would like to create a timeline to display events of the Battle of Waterloo. Something interactive where I can click on dates, zoom into map locations and battlefield diagrams etc and then scroll motion along the timeline. Any suggestions are welcome plus examples if any…thanks!

• Read the Hype Documentation - a lot of information here about the very things You are requesting.

• Search the Forum using keywords such as (but not necessarily limited to): timeline, interactive, scrolling, animation, maps, diagrams.

HypeDocks - good examples using Hype - especially the Web Gallery.

These suggestions will get You started, possibly others will add more references.

Sounds like a great project!


I was lost with Hype for a while. I had no idea where to start or end. Then when Flash really kicked the bucket I signed up for 1 Linda Hype course.

I’m someone who needs to see how things work, rather then read how things work. That Lynda course helped me tremendously getting kick-started with Hype.

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Here´s a very quick an dirty example - just to get an idea, how to start with this kind of task (without coding): Dragging the button controls the timeline “timeline” - by releasing the button you can trigger events (in this case starting other timelines). As I said - very basic and just for you to get an idea … (20.0 KB)


Thanks all for your input, very kindly appreciated :slight_smile: will get on with your recommendations and pop back here for some help.