Interactive Spreadsheet

Hello All:

I was wondering: Would it be possible to create an interactive spreadsheet that will play a animated gif when you click an item in the spreadsheet and if so, would it also be possible to save as an iBooks Author widget?

Is it a functioning spreadsheet (data entry, formulas, etc) or a grid with interactions? The latter is easy. The former is not.

It’s a spreadsheet that when copied into Hype, only functions as a image

If you just need the image of the spreadsheet; I would simply take a screenshot and import it that way!

You mean just import the spreadsheet as an image and place the animated gifs where it needs to be?

It really depends on your needs; I don’t have a clear picture of what you want to do. That could be one solution though!

I was basically trying to make an “interactive” japanese hiragana alphabet chart, where if you tap or click on one of the hiragana characters, an animation that depicts how to write that character would play along with the pronounciation of the character via audio. Check this link out to see what I mean:

Gotchya; in this case I don’t think you need a “spreadsheet” in the formal definition (like Excel, Numbers). Instead I’d probably just use elements to make a grid. These elements can have the hiragana inside as characters (they do not need to be images). Each could then have an ‘On Mouse Click’ action in which it animates and plays audio.