Interactive Newsletter

(Thomas) #1

Hi, I am looking at creating an interactive newsletter like this one created using

Is it possible using Hype to create something similar?


Yes, I think you could build this with Hype. Do you have a list of requirements for this magazine or do you want to replicate all features on the linked magazine?

One thing that is not possible (in Hype, at least) is to scale the size of the magazine responsively (and proportionally) as the browser window shrinks. If you are publishing to an iOS device, that’s another story, and a framework like the Baker framework is much better suited to that type of publication.

(Thomas) #3

Thanks for the info Daniel.

There are no specific requirements, just need to replicate the same features in the link (Animations, buttons & navigation). Wont be publishing to iOS, just gonna host it on a website to view. I will set the canvas at 1024x786 so it will look good on iPad and Desktop.

(Sheldon Schwartz) #4

Hey Daniel! Isn’t scaling possible in the browser using this script?

I have been testing a trial version of Hype 3 – and been using a version of that script with success in scaling.
The fact it works was/is a selling point for me to dig deeper into Hype for responsive sites and UX.

Adobe’s Edge Animate has something similar – the transform: scale(x) JS/CSS manipulation really makes things rock with responsive scaling.

Give it a go! :smile:


Yup – that still works, but it’s not something we can support directly within Hype yet!